Bought – Utilitywise UTW

What? Again? I hear you I hear you but thought they were a bit oversold this morning when their results came out saying in line with expectations so I got in at around £2 – I will add it to my trade table shortly

By the end of the day I see that one of the Directors has bought too so good that I am not the only one thinking this is a good entry price!… Read the rest...

Share Dealing Costs – What charges do I have to pay?

When you buy a share in your chosen company there are a few Share dealing costs that you would need to be aware of…

Namely the 3 dealing costs below

  1. Broker Commission
  2. Stamp Duty
  3. Spread

I will attempt to explain them briefly below…

Broker Commission

As I explained in my earlier post – Picking a Stockbroker  you will be charged a commission any time you buy or sell any even if you only buy 1 share!… Read the rest...

Bought – Hikma Pharmaceuticals (HIK)

Just bought Hikma Pharmaceuticals!

Ticker code is HIK

Hikma is a multinational drugs company they supply develop and manufacture both branded and unbranded drugs worldwide they started life in Jordan.

From what I have read they still have growth potential to come and here is a thing that shows promise also, have a look at the following website…

This shows all the companies ranked in order of their market cap – from this you can see that HIK is about to be moved up into the FTSE 100 this usually means that more funds etc buy in so should add support to the price (Hikma is above the automatic entry to FTSE 100 point at the time of writing) maybe by the time you are reading this it will be long established in the FTSE 100!… Read the rest...

Stock Market opening hours UK and US

Find out here what time the stock market opens at in both the UK and the USA – What else should you be aware off in terms of the timetable of Daily events as a Trader??


Stock Market opening hours UK

The London Stock Exchange UK opens at 8am and closes at 4:30pm

Note: it is closed completely on UK Public and Bank Holidays

RNS News is released before the Market opens at 7am so you can see your company news and reports and you have a bit of time to plan any required action that you may want to take as a result.… Read the rest...

Flow Group Plc – Go with the FLOW!

One of my recent buys Flow Group is a small AIM listed Boiler company.

They are not just ordinary boilers though! Have a look at their website

They generate electricity when they are running so they pay for themselves!

Well what is new – they have announced their Official launch date!… Read the rest...

Interest Rates set to rise how will that affect my investments?

As per article here BoE’s Carney expects gradual rise in interest rates up to 2.5% over next three years

The governor defended the decision to change the forward guidance, saying that the UK economy experienced a much quicker improvement then the rest of the developed world.

Read the rest...

The Trend is your friend! -Trading with Trends

This post is just bringing to your attention the fact that you can sometimes find a share which is almost predictable and will discuss how we can use the trend to make a profit over and over again! Trading with Trends…

Example 1

The example on the right is Smiths Group

Trend Trading

In their own words

Smiths is a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange (SMIN) and operates a sponsored level one ADR programme (SMGZY).

Read the rest...

Investing in current affairs – Floods!

With tides peaking and rivers bursting their banks and generally a lot of extreme weather in the UK at the moment this article considers if there are any winners in this situation?

Investing in Current Affairs? It is always worth considering the affect of the latest hot topic on your investments – current affairs can cost or alternatively make you a lot of money!… Read the rest...