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Well finally I have gave in and bought BTG! I first researched it on the 13/11/14 according to the notes I took at the time it was trading then at 779p!

Well I bought today at 810.  It has been as high as 834 since I first had a look, I was hoping for a cheaper entry price but it looks that that isn’t going to happen for now…

Have a look at their website here

btg pic

They are a specialist Healthcare company and from what I have read they specialise in Vein Treatments – so Varicose Veins, Spider Veins and clots etc They research and develop new treatments.

They have seen 25% revenue growth so a strong growth story here, Listed on the Main market their profit before Tax for the last half year just past was 37.6million compared to 32.7 million for the previous half year.

They have Net cash of 78 million (from 39m the previous year) – so no debt to worry about which is nice! Real nice actually – that’s a few quid more than I have!

Latest trading statements have been positive and their chart shows good steady growth.  Some of the growth is priced in but still more to go if the growth continues.

My only concerns would be that there could be a sell off if the FDA refuse their next drug which is always a possibility.

Trade Summary

Buy Price 810p

Price Target >1000p

Stop Loss at 720p

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