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Bought – Character Group CCT

This has to be one of the fastest growing Toy companies around look at the financial stats as I have discovered!  This is my second buy into this company and its still rising and still good value! Character Group is now in play!

Character Group website
Investor John buys Character group

The first time I bought these was on the 5th of December at 248p!

I had always intended to buy more but there has never been a easy time to buy because they have continued to rise since!

So I have bought more this morning at 362p and just in good time too as I write this post they are at a buy price of 382p and have been as high today as £4!

I will add a post tomorrow to explain why I think they are good value even at the current price.

Would you have bought these? Do you find it hard to buy a share at a peak?

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Trade Summary

Buy Price:  362p

Target Price:  500p

Stop Loss: 318p



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