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Bought Energy Assets – EAS

Just a brief post to let you know that I bought into Energy Assets again!

Its price is slightly down after the news in their latest statement that their new contract with British Gas is moving forward slower than first indicated.  But hey it is still going ahead so I can wait! So to me this represented a buying opportunity – I have watched it on Level 2 since the update just in case it would fall more but looks like it is get in or miss the boat time!

One thing I don’t like on this is the huge spread which can be as wide as 8% for any beginners reading this that means that the difference between the buy and the sell price (the spread) is 8%.  So effectively when you buy the share you are straight away loosing 8% for example.

When the price is on the move, the spread usually narrows to about 3% so not too bad.

Other positive news has came out since the interim management statement including that one of their Directors is buying again… always a good sign!

Their website is

Trade Summary



STOP LOSS 380p (Previous Support Point)


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