NI Investor Group 2022 Stock Picking Challenge

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Welcome to the 2022 Northern Ireland Investor Group Share picking challenge.

As a reminder these are the picks

  • Annesley: CMCX
  • Andrea: ADT
  • Barry: CLIQX
  • Bob: SAR
  • David: GDH
  • James: GMS
  • Jeremy: BOO
  • John: SLP
  • Neil: BKS
  • Robin: SYNT

See how they are doing below…

Last Updated 22/01/2022

Let me know if you get any dividends and I can add them in somehow

Stockopedia Stock Picking Challenge 2021

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Neil remains in the lead at the end of December and is the stand out winner of this years challenge with a strong group of picks… Quite the role reversal as Neil was in last place for most of last year! Well done Neil.

Stockopedia Stock Picking Challenge 2020

We have a winner!

For the 2020 share picking NI challenge it is Bob Beatty at the top of the bunch with a stonking 126.94% return! I bet he wishes that was the same as in his actual portfolio as do we all!

1st – Bob Beatty 127%

2nd – Barry Pitcher 70.37

3rd – Investor John 41.68%

Average or overall return as a group was 21.39% which is very good indeed! You can see from the colours that February and March were a little rough! but we all recovered nicely…

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and see you next month!

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