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Current Holdings

This is a list of my current holdings as at the date shown below…

They are in order of size so the 1st one in the list is the biggest holding etc

Yes its quite a long list with 33 holdings! I am aiming for 30 Stocks maximum and ideally less.

Homeserve is being taken over so I will count that as 1 on the way out

This list is taken from SharePad by Sharescope which is one of the software tools that I use to monitor and find investments, you can contact me if you want to subscribe and I can get you a months free subscription.

I have had a go at displaying this as a chart… You can see here that my biggest holding is in fact cash at the moment!

(Chart not updated recently i.e. Cash is now lower circa 5%)

Recent Sells

  1. SUMO Takeover@513P 31/01/22
  2. BOO BooHoo Sold @113p 16/12/21
  3. ARC Arcontech Group Sold @102.75p 29/11/21
  4. VLG Venture Life Sold @66p 16/08/2021
  5. AFH Financial Group AFHP -Takeover @480p 28/06/2021
  6. Sylvania Platinum 05/05/2021 Top Slice @130p
  7. Novacyt SOLD 09/04/2021
  8. Loopup PLC SOLD 08/02/2021
  9. CDM Codemasters Group Holdings SOLD 24/11/20
  10. HAT H & T Group PLC SOLD 02/11/2020
  11. 4BSB 4basebio AG SOLD
  12. JLG John Laing Group SOLD 14/10/2020
  13. FLO Flowtech Fluidpower SOLD 25/09/2020
  14. HLMA Halma SOLD 25/09/2020
  15. RRE Rockrose Energy PLC SOLD 04/09/2020
  16. PCF Pcf Group SOLD 25/09/2020
  17. CHH Churchill China SOLD 08/10/2020
  18. TEG Ten Entertainment SOLD 17/03/2020
  19. ADT Adept Technology SOLD 21/02/2020
  20. FCCN French Connection SOLD 31/01/2020
  21. CARD Card Factory SOLD 09/01/2020
  22. NMC Nmc Health SOLD 20/12/19
  23. CTP Castleton Technology SOLD 30/12/19
  24. SSY Scisys – Takeover funds received
  25. CKT Checkit Tendered & SOLD 05/12/19
  26. TRI Trifast SOLD 22/10/19
  27. MCL Morses Club  SOLD 19/09/19

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