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Current Holdings

This is a list of my current holdings as at the date shown below…

They are in order of size so the 1st one in the list is the biggest holding etc

I have also entered the Stockopedia Stock Picking Challenge see my Picks here…

Yes its quite a long list with 31 holdings! I am aiming for 30 – 35 Stocks maximum and ideally less.

This list is taken from SharePad by Sharescope which is one of the software tools that I use to monitor and find investments, you can contact me if you want to subscribe and I can get you a months free subscription.

Recent Sells

  1. VLG Venture Life Sold @66p 16/08/2021
  2. AFH Financial Group AFHP -Takeover @480p 28/06/2021
  3. Sylvania Platinum 05/05/2021 Top Slice @130p
  4. Novacyt SOLD 09/04/2021
  5. Loopup PLC SOLD 08/02/2021
  6. CDM Codemasters Group Holdings SOLD 24/11/20
  7. HAT H & T Group PLC SOLD 02/11/2020
  8. 4BSB 4basebio AG SOLD
  9. JLG John Laing Group SOLD 14/10/2020
  10. FLO Flowtech Fluidpower SOLD 25/09/2020
  11. HLMA Halma SOLD 25/09/2020
  12. RRE Rockrose Energy PLC SOLD 04/09/2020
  13. PCF Pcf Group SOLD 25/09/2020
  14. CHH Churchill China SOLD 08/10/2020
  15. TEG Ten Entertainment SOLD 17/03/2020
  16. ADT Adept Technology SOLD 21/02/2020
  17. FCCN French Connection SOLD 31/01/2020
  18. CARD Card Factory SOLD 09/01/2020
  19. NMC Nmc Health SOLD 20/12/19
  20. CTP Castleton Technology SOLD 30/12/19
  21. SSY Scisys – Taken over funds received
  22. CKT Checkit Tendered & SOLD 05/12/19
  23. TRI Trifast SOLD 22/10/19
  24. MCL Morses Club  SOLD 19/09/19

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