Welome to my Website!

Welcome to the Homepage of my website….

My name is John, I am a UK based investor living in Northern Ireland.  I have created this website to share my passion for investing and to act as a personal diary of my trades and investment related thoughts.

I am mostly a Momentum and Growth Investor but do hold a few Income and Value stocks from time to time…

Feel free to browse through the site you will find information on what books I have read on the Recommended reading page and you can Check out my Current Holdings here.

You can subscribe via email to be kept up to date with my latest posts or leave a comment and I will try and get you a response!

2 thoughts on “Welome to my Website!”

  1. Looks like you buy on tips from IC, like me. I find IC a mixed bag and have to check with Stockopedia to get the whole picture. Actually, i sometimes suspect that certain shares are pushed rather energetically, e.g KMK and Insurers, without substansive evidence. Hi Ho, Silver!

    1. Hi Stan thanks for the comment – I don’t actually subscribe to or read IC but I must have bought some of their tips have I? I am typically buying shares which are breaking out of a 52 week high or else shares that I pick off Stockopedia using screens etc.

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