Bought BTG Plc – BTG

Well finally I have gave in and bought BTG! I first researched it on the 13/11/14 according to the notes I took at the time it was trading then at 779p!

Well I bought today at 810.  It has been as high as 834 since I first had a look, I was hoping for a cheaper entry price but it looks that that isn’t going to happen for now…

Have a look at their website here

btg pic

They are a specialist Healthcare company and from what I have read they specialise in Vein Treatments – so Varicose Veins, Spider Veins and clots etc They research and develop new treatments.… Read the rest...

Sold Utilitywise – UTW

Its with a heavy heart that I sell Utilitywise ticker code UTW

I bought them on the 18/12/14 at 244p hoping that this was the bottom of one of its regular up and down swings between 245p and 295p but this time it has broken that trend to push lower so when I spotted it today at 225p I knew for sure that the bears had arrived and it was time to get out…

Have a look at the graph below to see what I mean

2 year graph of Utilitywise

You can see from July to now it traded between 245 and 305.  … Read the rest...

Flow Group Plc – Go with the FLOW!

One of my recent buys Flow Group is a small AIM listed Boiler company.

They are not just ordinary boilers though! Have a look at their website

They generate electricity when they are running so they pay for themselves!

Well what is new – they have announced their Official launch date!… Read the rest...