Quarter 1 of 2021

Can you believe it is Easter of 2021 already!

Covid19 is still around unfortunately but hopefully the vaccine program is starting to have a positive effect on the number of cases and more importantly the number of deaths!

It has been a relatively quiet quarter for me so hence the prompt summary as there is not much to summarise!


My YTD performance has been good enough with a return at the 31st of March 2021 of 12.6% so steady progress so far. Has this been a result of less Tech stocks and more holdings in Financials and Cyclicals for now?

In general I have been sitting on my hands and monitoring progress. This meant that I only made 6 Trades in the first 3 months of this year so I will just give a quick comment on each…


08/01/2021 Buy Eckoh Plc @62.98p – This was just a small top up in my SIPP to reinvest the spare cash in the account that had came in from dividends from £SLP £ECK and £SOLI

08/02/2021 Sell LoopUp Group PLC @81.375p – Completely lost confidence here – was unsure when buying and conscious of a lot competition in hindsight should have steered clear. Loss of 29.4%

12/03/2021 Sell AB Dynamics PLC @2040p Bed and ISA to move to alongside rest of ABDP holding

23/03/2021 Buy AB Dynamics PLC @2060p Buying back most of the Bed and ISA shares from Corporate Account (Bought a slightly smaller amount to have nice neat quantities ending in zero maybe slightly OCD!)

23/03/2021 Buy Advanced ADVT Ltd @116p Don’t judge me lol! Buying a small amount here on the back of previous success of Vin Murria this is a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) not something I would usually touch but it is a tiny 0.3% holding for a bit of interest. Don’t follow me here (or anywhere) as it breaks all my rules.

29/03/2021 Buy Sylvania Platinum Ltd @114p Buying here hoping to sell holding in Corporate account of same qty so that all my SLP shares will be held in my SIPP. (My plan is to wait on a price of 130p approximately to then sell the other part of the holding trying to take advantage of the price volatility. (So far it hasn’t worked but watch this space). Note this makes my portfolio look overweight on SLP but this will reduce when I sell off the extra temporary holding again.

This quarter, dividends were received from SUS, WJG, IGG, SOLI, FUTR, AFHP, PMI, AHT, ADBP, GBG, HSV.


AFH Financial are being taken over so that is one less holding, from memory the revised and accepted bid is 480p which is a decent return on my holding which was bought at an average price of 343p.


You will see some crazy results coming through from investors displaying their Tax YTD figures – I predict they will be really good! This is because in march last year we had the COVID Dip as stocks tumbled. So my tax year to date is +86.5% because I was so badly down at around this time last year – from memory at the worst point I was down around 40%. So it is a bit of a pointless metric really.

My Top ten Holdings

This is my top ten holdings and should reflect the companies that I have most confidence in.

Top Ten Q1 2021

For my full list of holdings go to my current holdings page.

Plan for Q2

Quarter 1 was all about holding firm – no point in investing much more when I will need the money out soon… Moving some funds between accounts to be more tax efficient etc…

Quarter 2 will be more of the same, so very little trading. At some point hopefully within the next month I will start selling a little bit as I will need some funds for a property purchase coming up. This is pending approval of my SSAS Small self administered scheme. I have to wait for HMRC to give me a SSAS number so that I can transfer funds into the SSAS and then buy a commercial property within it. Transfers to a SSAS are tax deductible for the business and the SSAS will act as a sort of pension.

Hope this quick summary has been of interest – check out my full list of holdings and subscribe to my website so that you will receive a notification to your email when I post something new.

I would love to hear your opinions so drop a comment below – Thanks

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