Investor John’s May

Welcome again…This is my Diary entry for May – its been a quiet month for me in terms of investing as the prices ZOOM upwards again and the amount of bargains disappear! I am still very busy with work and a bit of home schooling work so haven’t spent as much time as some other months looking at investments… Sometimes being busy is a useful distraction to keep me from over trading etc!… Read the rest...

The year that was 2019…

In Summary my overall portfolio is up by 21% for 2019 🙂

Number of Trades

Buy Trades 44 – (24 Different companies bought the rest of the trades were topping up existing holdings)

Sell Trades 30 (25 Different companies sold)

I have been adding capital to my portfolio throughout the year so this means I am buying into some new stocks and adding to existing holdings that are doing well and averaging up.… Read the rest...

What is a Ticker Code?

The Ticker code for a share is a few Letters and numbers that are used to identify the company on the Stock market

A few examples would be

Easyjet = EZJ

British Telecom = BT

Dominoes Pizza = DOM

Hangar Eight = HGR8

You will use these to add shares to your monitor in Advfn and to buy and Sell shares with your broker they are a bit like an abbreviation.… Read the rest...