Black Monday Sells…

Excuse my post title – its not really black monday I don’t think… but the title hints at the fact that I got hit today by a profit warning on one of my holdings today.

That was ARC Arcontech Group PLC – they were already on shaky ground for me with my decision to hold on to them back in September at the time of their final results coming back to haunt me!… Read the rest...

Black Friday Sales!

Well Friday was a choppy day on the markets alright! Fears from the new Covid variant seeming to spook the market. My YTD figure promptly dropped back to around 23% from 30% at the start of the week so quite a hit.… Read the rest...

Portfolio update Q2 & July 2021

Can you believe Covid19 is still around! Early on we all thought it would be gone by now! The vaccine program roll out has been a success in general and is starting to have a positive effect on the number of cases and more importantly the number of deaths!… Read the rest...

Quarter 1 of 2021

Can you believe it is Easter of 2021 already!

Covid19 is still around unfortunately but hopefully the vaccine program is starting to have a positive effect on the number of cases and more importantly the number of deaths!

It has been a relatively quiet quarter for me so hence the prompt summary as there is not much to summarise!… Read the rest...

Share Dealing Costs – What charges do I have to pay?

When you buy a share in your chosen company there are a few Share dealing costs that you would need to be aware of…

Namely the 3 dealing costs below

  1. Broker Commission
  2. Stamp Duty
  3. Spread

I will attempt to explain them briefly below…

Broker Commission

As I explained in my earlier post – Picking a Stockbroker  you will be charged a commission any time you buy or sell any even if you only buy 1 share!… Read the rest...

Stock Market opening hours UK and US

Find out here what time the stock market opens at in both the UK and the USA – What else should you be aware off in terms of the timetable of Daily events as a Trader??


Stock Market opening hours UK

The London Stock Exchange UK opens at 8am and closes at 4:30pm

Note: it is closed completely on UK Public and Bank Holidays

RNS News is released before the Market opens at 7am so you can see your company news and reports and you have a bit of time to plan any required action that you may want to take as a result.… Read the rest...

What is a Ticker Code?

The Ticker code for a share is a few Letters and numbers that are used to identify the company on the Stock market

A few examples would be

Easyjet = EZJ

British Telecom = BT

Dominoes Pizza = DOM

Hangar Eight = HGR8

You will use these to add shares to your monitor in Advfn and to buy and Sell shares with your broker they are a bit like an abbreviation.… Read the rest...