Stock Market opening hours UK and US

Find out here what time the stock market opens at in both the UK and the USA – What else should you be aware off in terms of the timetable of Daily events as a Trader??


Stock Market opening hours UK

The London Stock Exchange UK opens at 8am and closes at 4:30pm

Note: it is closed completely on UK Public and Bank Holidays

RNS News is released before the Market opens at 7am so you can see your company news and reports and you have a bit of time to plan any required action that you may want to take as a result.

Other news will of course come out at any time throughout the day which can also have an impact on your holdings.

Stock Market opening hours US

Wall Street opens at 2:30pm UK time and closes at 9pm UK time (9:30am to 4pm US time)

So the US news comes out at 1:30pm UK time so you will notice that the UK market is also affected by good or bad sentiment in the US

If the US gets a cold the UK gets a Flu!

You may also notice that some shares go into Auction coming up to the Market open.  On ADVFN you will see AU in your monitor to indicate this.  It is usually as a result of results relating to that stock or an anticipated re rating of the stock.  So for example when Game Digital gave a trading update recently the Market Makers held the stock in Auction for at least 10 minutes after the Market opened to find the new price that would be available to us retail investors.  The market makers don’t want to be caught out and rarely do…

Have you seen the UK Market change in the afternoon? Do you trade on US Markets or stay safe and sound in the UK?

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  1. Hi john,
    Great site… I wonder, can you advise me on whether now is a good time to sell my Scottish mortgage investment Trust shares as they have shot up. Should investors cash in when this happens?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for the message unfortunately I am not able to give you advice as I am not regulated etc

      Great to hear that your investment is going well! You should think about when you need to money i.e short or long term use that to help you decide.



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