NI Investors Group – Stock picking Challenge results 2022

As a reminder these were our picks at the start of 2022

  • Annesley: CMCX
  • Andrea: ADT
  • Barry: CLIQX
  • Bob: SAR
  • David: GDH
  • James: GMS
  • Jeremy: BOO
  • John: SLP
  • Neil: BKS
  • Robin: SYNT

It has been a rough year in the markets in general and a rough year for me too!… Read the rest...

The Year that was 2022

(Thank goodness its over lol)

In Summary my overall investment portfolio is down by 25% for calendar year 2022 almost wiping out my +27.8% from last year!

You can see from the graph below that the portfolio steadily dwindled down across the year as the various headwinds took hold.

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Is it safe to come out yet?? Q1 2022 Update

Hello again all, hope you are keeping well and that the markets haven’t treated you too badly this year so far! It is quite a torrid time for now with lots of global uncertainty every way you look. My thoughts are still with the millions of innocent people affected by the war in Ukraine, they will want to get on with their lives as before but circumstances mean that things are extremely unsettled for now to say the least!… Read the rest...

Northern Ireland Investor Group 2022 Stock Picking Challenge

If you are not already a member of Stockopedia you can join by clicking the image above and we will both get a discount… Thanks for supporting

Welcome to the 2022 Northern Ireland Investor Group Share picking challenge.

10 of us from northern Ireland have picked a share and invested a virtual £10,000 into it.

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Happy Valentines Day!

This is a really quick update now that I have a few minutes to spare…

Lets start with my YTD which like many has started on a shaky footing at -6.83% so lots of room for improvement there!

Holdings as at 12/02/2022

In terms of my holdings they now look something like this… See also current holdings page in case you cant read those tickers below.… Read the rest...

The Year that was 2021

In Summary my overall portfolio is up by 27.8% for 2021

2021 is finally over and my YTD is +27.8% which I am very happy with as it was a long slog of a year! (In 2020 I gained 24%) You can see from the graph below that the portfolio peaked in September and then dwindled down a few percentage points as quarter 4 continued.
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Black Monday Sells…

Excuse my post title – its not really black monday I don’t think… but the title hints at the fact that I got hit today by a profit warning on one of my holdings today.

That was ARC Arcontech Group PLC – they were already on shaky ground for me with my decision to hold on to them back in September at the time of their final results coming back to haunt me!… Read the rest...

Black Friday Sales!

Well Friday was a choppy day on the markets alright! Fears from the new Covid variant seeming to spook the market. My YTD figure promptly dropped back to around 23% from 30% at the start of the week so quite a hit.… Read the rest...