Northern Ireland Investor Group 2022 Stock Picking Challenge

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Welcome to the 2022 Northern Ireland Investor Group Share picking challenge.

10 of us from northern Ireland have picked a share and invested a virtual £10,000 into it. At the end of the year the winner will be the person with the highest valued shareholding.


This used to be updated on a static page but if I post it as a blog post the we will have the history available of the progress throughout the year. I won’t post these updates to Twitter as they are primarily of interest to the 10 of us.

As a reminder these are the picks

  • Annesley: CMCX
  • Andrea: ADT
  • Barry: CLIQX
  • Bob: SAR
  • David: GDH
  • James: GMS
  • Jeremy: BOO
  • John: SLP
  • Neil: BKS
  • Robin: SYNT

Last Updated 19/02/2022

Finally I have been toppled from the top of the table! By James who picked GMS Gulf Marine services, they announced a contract win on Thursday last week which has given a nice boost to the share price.

From their statement on the 17/02/22:

Gulf Marine Services (LSE: GMS), the leading provider of advanced
self-propelled self-elevating support vessels (SESVs) serving the offshore
oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, is pleased to announce the award of a
7-month contract for one of its K Class (smaller) vessels, with a National Oil
Company (NOC) in the MENA region. The contract will commence in March 2022 and
brings total secured utilisation for the year to 79%.

Mansour Al Alami GMS, Executive Chairman, said:

“This contract award continues to reflect the upward trajectory on dayrate
levels that we have seen on other recent awards and signals that our markets
continue to improve.
GMS remains well positioned, with a high level of
utilisation already locked in for the year and also going into 2023.”

In other news Boohoo lifted a bit during the week on takeover rumours but nothing has came through so far with the price holding steady around the low 90 pence area.

I also note that SAR is fighting back for Bob, jumping up to 4th place in the last week!

Let me know if you get any dividends and I can add them in somehow. I would plan to operate the dividends like a DRIP (Dividend reinvestment Plan) A dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) is a program that allows investors to reinvest their cash dividends into additional shares of their stock on the dividend payment date

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Neil remains in the lead at the end of December and is the stand out winner of this years challenge with a strong group of picks… Quite the role reversal as Neil was in last place for most of last year! Well done Neil.

Stockopedia Stock Picking Challenge 2020

We have a winner!

For the 2020 share picking NI challenge it is Bob Beatty at the top of the bunch with a stonking 126.94% return! I bet he wishes that was the same as in his actual portfolio as do we all!

1st – Bob Beatty 127%

2nd – Barry Pitcher 70.37

3rd – Investor John 41.68%

Average or overall return as a group was 21.39% which is very good indeed! You can see from the colours that February and March were a little rough! but we all recovered nicely…

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and see you next month!

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