NI Investors Group – Stock picking Challenge results 2022

As a reminder these were our picks at the start of 2022

  • Annesley: CMCX
  • Andrea: ADT
  • Barry: CLIQX
  • Bob: SAR
  • David: GDH
  • James: GMS
  • Jeremy: BOO
  • John: SLP
  • Neil: BKS
  • Robin: SYNT

It has been a rough year in the markets in general and a rough year for me too! You can see my year end update here.

This was reflected in the share challenge with only 2 of us in positive territory unfortunately!

I noticed the same on as you can see from my snap shot below only 10% of entrants were in a profit! (and I was not one of them!)

So now back to NI with our portfolio and virtual £100k which is now worth £71K so as a team we are down over 28% across the year.

So just Barry and myself ended the year in profit unfortunately…

Sylvania Platinum in 1st place followed by Cliq Digital AG in 2nd place

I could be wrong but the 2 profitable shares are also the only 2 companies from the list that currently pay a dividend – it is as such potentially an indicator of sorts in itself that the company has the financial strength to pay dividends.

I wont bother detailing all the ranks here as you can have a look for yourselves or not!

Let me know if you want to run the challenge again for 2023 and I can setup the portfolio again – you can choose to run with what you have in the hope of a strong recovery or you could pick another company. As before we prefer that you choose from your current holdings.

Have a Happy and prosperous new year and look forward to seeing you again soon!


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