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My name is John, I am a UK based investor living in Northern Ireland.  I have created this website to share my passion for investing and to act as a personal diary of my trades and investment related thoughts.

I am mostly a Momentum and Growth Investor but do hold a few Income and Value stocks from time to time…

Feel free to browse through the site you will find information on what books I have read on the Recommended reading page and you can Check out my Current Holdings here.

You can subscribe via email to be kept up to date with my latest posts or leave a comment and I will try and get you a response!


Do you have a question that you would love answered? (Investment related please… lol) go to Contact Me and fire away!

I don’t have a magic wand let me be clear from the start and I cant give any investment advice but i can point you in the right direction.

Remember Investment choices are made by each individual, each person has different ideals and thoughts so make up your own mind on every purchase and go into the trade with conviction and a plan!

Happy Investing,


None of the information given is intended as investment advice but to educate and entertain always do your own research!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my website….”

  1. hello john i am a beginner investor just read your excellent articles, thanks for the offer of advice might take you up on it. best regards graham.

    1. Hi Graham – Thanks for getting in touch – I am glad you are enjoying my site. Note that I cant give you advice as I am not regulated but hope you can learn from what I am doing
      Keep in touch


  2. Hi John,

    I really enjoyed your piece on Stockopedia on 6th Feb 2021.
    I have posted my results for 2020 as Comment No.12 and it made me realise I was overtrading.
    I would welcome your comments in due course.


    1. 17% is a great return @portugull! If we could get those sort of returns year on year it would be amazing
      I see we hold a similar number of positions at around 32…
      You had a lot of turnover and I’m sure you will have seen some of those sells go on to perform well?
      Maybe you are buying into other peoples ideas and then they are low conviction buys meaning you sell out at the first sign of trouble? Or is your stop loss too tight maybe??
      Certainly food for thought but well done on a great return in such a difficult year!

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