Checking out of Checkit CKT

Another holding bites the dust as the tender offer for Checkit completed with funds for the accepted portion of my tendered shares dropped into my account on the 5th of December (65p per share).

The remaining shares were credited back into my account at around 16:20 pm. I was of the opinion that it was likely that others would be selling out their remaining shares as they would represent a very small holding at that point. Certainly my remaining holding wasn’t really worth hanging onto and so I sold the remaining at 43p just before the market closed. (Overall return on this investment 46%)

If you are still interested in or still invested in Checkit you should check out this presentation on youtube from the 2nd of December

This reduces my holdings to 34 different companies, I suspect as I add funds that this may grow a little again as I see new companies worth investing in. In reality Scisys (SSY)is also gone as it has been taken over with funds due in early January.

I was looking at RM Education as a new potential buy. It was added to my monitor a few months ago on positive momentum and had dipped slightly with results coming out this week on Monday I think it was… by the end of the day they had regained all of their opening price and I still hadn’t bought.

I put this additional caution down to extra caution coming up to this weeks election I just can’t bring myself to buy anything until I see the result and how the market reacts. I am happy to miss a little bit of a rally if Boris gets in with a clear majority rather than increase my risk before the result and getting my fingers burnt very quickly if this doesn’t go as planned. Lets face it there is a possibility that we see a sell off either way so I am happy to remain on the sidelines ready to pounce. (I say on the sidelines but I am heavily invested in the UK Stock market so I just mean I won’t add to positions this week anyway)

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