Interest Rates set to rise how will that affect my investments?

As per article here BoE’s Carney expects gradual rise in interest rates up to 2.5% over next three years

The governor defended the decision to change the forward guidance, saying that the UK economy experienced a much quicker improvement then the rest of the developed world. Inflation expectations have improved in the last few months he said adding that estimates for 2-3% base rate not unreasonable.He suggested that BoE could raise rates up to 2.5% during the next three years, in a gradual manner.

Companies that are cash rich will start to see the benefit of Interest rates at last! One example from my Portfolio is Park Group

(Have since sold Park Group)

Latest estimates put the Interest Rate rise into the distant third quarter of this year 2015! So the stock market is still the place to stash your cash!

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